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Scott Parker

Scott Parker

Canyon County, CA


Iím a local artist and have spent the last several years in the Santa Clarita Valley, about 35 miles north of Los Angeles. I had some formal art training in high school and at the local community college. Otherwise, I am self taught. Most of my work consists of color and black and white pencil drawings. I am also interested in sculpting and have worked with acrylics.

The subject of my art work has generally been Science Fiction and Fantasy, but I have recently enjoyed painting portraits and wildlife. I am also exploring digital art as well.

I have been a sponsored participant in the Santa Clarita street art festivals such as The Bella Via Italian Street Art Festival, & Santa Clarita Art Festival benefiting the art & music departments of the local schools. The money raised from the sales of my paintings was used for the operational costs of the charitable organizations.


Hummingbird and Yellow Flower by Scott Parker


Tiger 1 by Scott Parker


Servile by Scott Parker


House Cat by Scott Parker


Blue Jays by Scott Parker


Walking In My Shoes by Scott Parker


Antique Stuffed Animal by Scott Parker


Old Pottery by Scott Parker


Classic Wooden Toys by Scott Parker


Baseball Gloves and Shoes by Scott Parker


Star Fish by Scott Parker


Conch Shell by Scott Parker


Covered Wagon by Scott Parker


Wagon Wheel Hub by Scott Parker


Wagon Wheel Work Bench by Scott Parker


Tiki Still life 1 by Scott Parker


Tiki Still life 2 by Scott Parker